DOCTOR’S UPDATES! (OBGYN) Long since overdue -MildlyNSFW-

I noticed I’d kept saying “hey I’ll update after this appointment, or that appointment” and really…just never did. So, here is one of them that I never got around to! Gynecologist (went for dyspareunia and general discomfort) So, with that. APPARENTLY, AS IT TURNS OUT you can actually have a yeast infection for a year OR MORE,… Continue reading DOCTOR’S UPDATES! (OBGYN) Long since overdue -MildlyNSFW-

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A quick note, then onto my actual post!

You might have noticed the name change(s.) I feel it’s only appropriate. After all, I’m not just fighting an invisible illness; I never really was actually. Every since I was a kid I’ve struggled with all these same issues I just have a name to the face (so to speak.)  On any given day I’m fighting 3-4 invisible illnesses, so it only makes sense to change my blog to fit that.

As for the other name…Well. I’ll explain about that in my next post here soon, trust me 🙂